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Welcome to the Karoo Hoodia Seed Site


Welcome to the site. If you're looking to buy Hoodia gordonii seed, you're in the right place. Unlike most other Hoodia sites, we actually really do have seed available. Lots of seed, in fact. Harvesting is done from our very own seed-grown plants, grown on our own farm in the Little Karoo, South Africa.

For price and ordering visit our price list.

<-- Field full of Hoodia on our farm, some flowering. We have several thousand seeds available at present.

Feel free to contact us here for more information.

Here are more photos of our Hoodia farm.

<-- A table full of seedlings recently transplanted into pots.

Here are more photos of seedlings.

Quality and affordable Hoodia gordonii capsules and powder available at Izimakana Industries.

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There are not enough Hoodia gordonii in the wild to supply the current medicinal demand.

True, and this of great concern from a conservational point of view. Growers of Hoodia gordonii are urgently needed.