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Hoodia seed for sale

Welcome to Karoo Hoodia gordonii Seed

We grow commercial quantities of Hoodia gordonii.

Harvesting is done from our own seed grown plants.

We have surplus seed for sale from time to time. We are still not able to supply seed on a continuing basis,
so please order quickly to avoid disappointment.

Price of seed:

Contact us for pricing information.

A guide for growing Hoodia gordonii will be supplied for orders above $200.

How to order:
For small orders:
1. You can post a cheque for the order PLUS bankcharges.
2. Deposit the money into our bank account (see details below) and email us YOUR ADDRESS.
3. Put the money in an envelope (notes only), pray, and post it to us.


1. Cheques must have bankcharges included.
2. All POSTED ORDERS must contain a SELF ADDRESSED envelope.
3. All addresses send by email must be typed in a format that we can copy and paste to a label.

WE ARE EXTREMELY BUSY and cannot retype addresses.

4. Although the postal service to South Africa is reliable, we can take NO RESPONIBILITY for orders, cheques or money GETTING LOST in the post, so rather deposit money into our bank account.

Contact us for bank details and more information

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"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then there will be true peace." - Sri Chin Moi Gosh

Random Hoodia Fact

True or False?:

Only Hoodia gordonii from the Kalahari can be used as appetite surpressant.

Untrue, Hoodia gordonii grows widely in the western parts of South Africa and Namibia and it has approximately the same chemical composition everywhere. There are however individual differences between plants and it is not known if certain populations from certain areas have a higher yield of active ingredients then others.